Who is this Donna Person and why should you listen to me about miniature gardens?


Picture of Donna Riegel of Miniature Gardens by Donna

Well, hello there and welcome to Miniature Gardens by Donna!  It is time to meet Donna Riegel, but I really think of myself as a Fairy Garden Mother. Why do I create miniature gardens? I fell in love with gardening as a child.  Playing with my doll house and creating gardens around it with whatever I could find or smuggle into our house was one of my favorite things. I was the lucky kid whose mom would help build fairy gardens around the tree while she planted monkey face violets (pansies) from seeds. Story telling and gardening are deeply rooted in my soul.

Besides the usual high school classes I took Ornamental Horticulture and Agricultural Science and Mechanics.  The Gardening bug never went away.  As one of my college classes (I was working on an associate degree in Technical Writing & Editing and yes I did earn my degree.) I had to write a business plan and that was when this business took root in my mind.

I began creating miniature gardens, terrariums, and garden themed home decor. At first everything I did was for our first home. Compared to furniture and artwork an interesting container form Good Will and plant cuttings were so much more affordable. Then the dreaded moment, that’s right I ran out of room for indoor plants. So that meant everyone got terrariums and dish gardens for every occasion. I was worse than the neighbor with all the extra zucchini.

I find peace in nature and love bringing it indoors. Miniature gardens offer everyone a bit of nature. Keep following me and I promise I will surprise you with how many ways this is possible. I will also offer plant tips and a little humor and more stories about me. You are invited to brose the isles of my Shop. Perhaps you will find that perfect gift for someone or yourself. You can also find us at YouTube, Facebook and Instagram at the links below. You can contact us or show up at one of the events I attend and meet Donna Riegel.