Life of A Gardener

As adults, the life of a gardener can seem like a chore.  We call it yardwork or weeding and don’t forget the bugs.  It’s so much more joyful when you approach it with child like wonder.  After all, playing in the dirt while building your own little kingdom, filled with Mother Natures magic is so much more fun.  You will still get everything done.  It might not be perfect like a glossy magazine photo but it will be so much more fun. I invite you to join me as I share my ideas, new information and memories with a dose of humor on the side.


To plant a garden is to dream of tomorrow-Audrey Hepburn



A Year of Gardening in the Miniature – Life of a Gardener 2024

Join me on Life of Gardener for a fun romp through the year with a years worth of miniature gardening projects. The projects will range from easy and quick to more detailed creations. I hope they all will inspire you to create your own magical miniature world.

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