After a long intense investigation (ok I googled it) I can confirm that we have all been bamboozled and Lucky Bamboo is not really Bamboo. It is actually Dracaena Sanderiana, a flowering plant native to Central Africa. But let’s face it Lucky Dracaena doesn’t have the same ring to it. So for the remainder of this post we will refer to it as Lucky Bamboo 

Bamboo is a diverse group of plants from the subfamily Bambusoideae. Depending on the type of Bamboo is it can grow between 2.5 meters to 46 meters in height.  It can be invasive unless you have a family of Panda’s to nibble on it.  I am thinking we should all stick with Lucky Bamboo.

We usually find this charming imposter in garden centers, at florist and nurseries.  Lucky Bamboo typically lives 1 – 2 years.  It prefers bright diffused light.  This tenacious little plant can be grown in water or soil.  It can even grow to 5 feet in height.  You can find it at floral shops, gardens centers and nurseries. I you find that your Lucky Bamboo is looking over crowded or starting to wilt you can always make cuttings out of it. It will root easily in water or soil.

Practitioners of Feng-shui Lucky Bamboo say it can bring prosperity to any area of the home.  It should be displayed in a container on the floor in the corner of the room you are seeking to improve.

How much Lucky Bamboo do you need?

1 Stalk = Good Fortune

2 Stalks = Love

3 Stalks = Happiness, Wealth, and Longevity

4 Stalks = Stable, Strong or Power

5 Stalks = Wealth or Fortune

6 Stalks = Prosperity

7 Stalks = Good Health

8 Stalks =Growth or Wealth

9 Stalks = General Good Fortune

10 Stalks = Completeness or Perfections

21 Stalks = Blessings.

If you choose to add even more Lucky Bamboo to your home, your significant other may cancel your spending card and that is not lucky at all. If you’re feeling lucky check out our store. If you need a little more information check out our plant care tips.

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