Market Season

Market Season is one of my favorite times of the year.  Here in North Carolina the various indoor and outdoor markets and festivals start popping up in May.   All of us dusty, winter worn vendors and crafters package up all our new products that we made just for you, load up our vehicles and set up our tables or booths.

I kicked off my market season recently at the Brunswick Senior Resources Spring Bazaar in Southport, North Carolina. It was indoors, which is great from my point of view and my husband’s too.   We don’t have to set up a canopy or tables. All I do is decorate the table and arrange my planters, terrariums and various other goodies.  I make sure there are always new things for you to see.

Market season has started and my table is set with all of my wares.

This was a smaller craft bazaar, and I think that it was because there was a festival going on locally also.   Some vendors, because this is their livelihood, literally have to pay close attention to rather there are competitive venues going on in the same areas.  I choose my events based on where the vendors fee go to.  A lot of people don’t know that smaller events frequently support local charities and organizations.

Market Season Goodies

At this market I was featuring some new items that included handmade planters.  I used Mix 2 Mold ceramic resin for this project.  We tinted them and even painted all of the polka dots on some of the planters and I did a mixture of small terrarium size plants, succulents and cacti.  I was excited to show those off.  Most people are looking for handmade and unique items when they’re at crafting bazaars. 

A variety of small handmade succulent planters.

The reason I enjoy going to and participating in outdoor markets and festivals is that I get to meet so many people.  I love meeting the new vendors at each event. We all have stories to share and ideas to show off, but the very best part is meeting you. The people who attend these events. You tell me about your plants, ask me questions and let me help you find that perfect miniature garden.  Mostly I just get to know you and find out how to help you.   I hope to see you this Market Season.

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