Three Easy Steps for Better Container Gardens

To have better designed container gardens you need to follow three easy steps.  First things first though, Let’s start by filling our container with stones.  In my case I use seashells because when you live by the beach they’re everywhere.  This layer of shells is going to provide drainage to our pot, keeping the soil from washing out of the bottom of the container.

Sea shells in bottom of container for drainage.

Next you want to fill your container with potting soil about 2/3 full should do it.  Then we’re going to our three easy steps. 

Step One: Thriller

The first step is planting your thriller.  Your thriller is typically a taller and more dramatic plant.  It is typically placed in the center or to the back of your container I am planting mine in the back since my containers do not get rotated or moved around during the spring and summer.  I chose Canna Lilies they will get approximately 2 to 3 ½ 4 foot tall even and they will bloom most of the summer as long as I deadhead them. (Deadheading is a whole different blog.)

The first of three easy steps is thriller.  My thriller plant is Canna Lilies.

Step Two: Filler

Step two is your filler I’m using a Mandevilla Vine. This plant will actually climb a little bit up around the canal lilies as it grows but mostly it will spread all over the container, so you don’t see so much soil.

Step two is our filler plant Mandeville Vine.

Step Three: Spiller

The third special step is your spiller. I am choosing to use ornamental sweet potato vines.  I’m using a dark purple, ornamental sweet potato vine. They do well in full to partial sun they like the heat and it will spread and drape over the container beautifully then I’m going to put soil around my plants to fill it towel it’s just about and inch and a half to 2 inches from the top of the container.

Step three is the spiller plant.  We are using ornamental purple sweet potato vine.

Finally make sure you water your plant well because it’s going to need it.  My planters are facing south, and they get a lot of sun so they need a lot of water especially when they’re getting started. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to contact us using or simply complete our contact form.  You will find the page in the menu.

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